Habaki From Kasumi Ninja
Habaki Is the one of the nine fighters That Appeared In the 1994 fighting game on the Atari Jaguar, Kasumi Ninja. Habaki is also one of the two fighters that You can pick At the Beginning of the Game (the other being Senzo, which is actually just a palette swap of Habaki) the other fighters have Too be Unlocked by defeating them In Story Mode. Also, Gyaku is also a palette swap of Habaki, As well.....

history: Habaki is the eldest son (by ten minutes) of the Kiri-ga-kure family. At an early age the twin brothers were left in the care of the monks at the Dragon Cloud Temple. The two brothers were equally adept at the arts, both spiritually and physically. The Elders, noticing the great skill of the twins, offered them a chance to advance their arts by training as disciples under one of the Elders. Habaki was chosen by Kaioh and Senzo was chosen by Hiei. There have also been rumors of Gyaku taking a disciple, but no one has ever seen his student. During tournaments held at the Dragon Cloud Temple, the twins always cause a special interest because of their fierce competitiveness. The final match always comes down to the two brothers and each have won an equal number of championships over the years. Carbon copies of one other, their only difference is their respective death move.

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