Chagi is one of the nine Characters that Appear in the Atari Jaguar game, Kasumi Ninja. Made and developed by handmade software, and published by the Atari Corporation. Chagi looks somewhat to be based off of Bruce Lee, but that is not clear.

History: five time world kickboxing champion, has never lost a professional bout. Even at the age of sixteen, Chagi KO'd his very first opponent in the first round. Chagi has trained all over the world, mixing different martial arts to develop a style all his own. Loud and obnoxious, Chagi has the ability to back up his big mouth with a dazzling display of speed and skill. Chagi currently owns a chain of successful kickboxing schools and convenience stores. He has also been seen in many popular action films such as: Under-seize; the Sci-Fi dance thriller the Lambadanator; and the most famous of his films, the Kickboxing Kidd Series I - XII. He can also be seen currently on TV's Trudger: Lodi Private Eye. Chagi's name is a reference to the Neri Chagi, a taekwondo move. One of his death moves was voted #9 on the "GamesMaster Gore Special - Top 10 Death Moves", where he grabs and hits his opponent with his knee, then kicks a hole through his opponent's body.