Angus is one of the Nine Characters that Appeared in Handmade Software's Kasumi Ninja, for the Atari Jaguar.

Angus is Probably one of the more memorable characters of Kasumi Ninja fans, because his Finishing Move is probably the best in the Game. He punches the Enemy's head repeatably, and decapitates them with a Kick to the Head, then Headbutt's their head off Into the Distance!

History: Angus MacGreggor is the blacksmith of his village Loch Katrine, as was his father, and his father's father before him. The constant pounding of hot iron has made Angus a burly man. Legend of Angus' strength quickly spread to the other clans of Scotland and as a result he was constantly challenged to tests of strength. These tests included wrestling, boxing, weight lifting, and the caber toss. Angus always won easily, and soon became obsessed with fighting. Any pub Angus visited encountered a severe lack of both furnishings and patrons. Angus soon ran out of those who would challenge him, causing him much anger. Now Angus has dedicated his life to finding a worthy opponent, one who might be able to give him the fight of his life. One of his death moves was voted #1 in the "GamesMaster Gore Special - Top 10 Death Moves", where he rapidly punches his opponent's head, decapitates him with a kick, and epically headbutts their head offscreen when it's airborne.[citation needed] Angus is most noted for the special move in which he shoots a fireball that inexplicably comes from underneath his kilt. Featuring him among the most bizarre fighting characters in 2008, GameDaily wrote that "nowhere else will you find an Scotsman that launches fireballs from beneath his kilt."