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Alaric is one of the Nine Characters that Appeared in Handmade Software's Kasumi Ninja, for the Atari Jaguar.


  • Alaric is the most ruthless of some of history's most feared and ferocious warriors, the Goths. The Goths were a nomadic tribe from Northern Europe who would travel the continent in search of battles to join so that they might pillage and kill, their two greatest joys! Not only was he a renowned fighter, he was also a skillful tactician, leading his tribe to certain victory time and time again. One of his greatest accomplishments was his imaginative use of gunpowder in many dangerous and unique ways. Alaric is loosely based on a real barbarian king also named Alaric who once sacked Rome. In the beta version, Alaric was named Eksel, & his outfit was a different color. This could be seen in a GameFan issue around the time of the game's launch.